Event / 3 Apr 2019

Vital Attachments

Katz Mulk

Katz Mulk will present an episodic performance that will explore the felt languages created through the shifting alliances of sound, dance, voice, and sculpture. Creating rough compositions from fragments of pop music; informal movements; sculptural interruptions and found sounds in a pulsing assemblage of a performance environment that can barely contain all its disparate parts. Practices of gathering and collecting informed by the everyday science fiction of Ursula K. Le Guin - especially her short essay 'The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction* - have and will continue to be an ongoing point of contact for the performance. Katz Mulk will be in residency in the week prior to the performance; they will use this time to work with local artists and choreographers on a series of scores that will form part of the performance. In parallel to the performance, Katz Mulk will also use this time to explore deep listening as a way of connecting to others and the shifting dynamics of the performances space.

*'The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction' can be found in Le Guin's collection of essays, Dancing at the Edge of the World (1989).