Exhibition / 1 Apr – 30 Apr 2019

Timeshifts / Before the Content

Kurt Laurenz Theinert


Hide the resistant - make visible the ephemeral. A new principle to represent time in photography. The Timeshifts series uses a typical photographic principle to represent time in a new way. The fact that negative and positive mutually neutralize themselves in colour, brightness and contrast. Unlike other photographic means such as motion blur or sequence Timeshifts only shows the change in time - all other image content neutralizes to 50 % gray. Like two different positions provide spatial vision, overlaying two moments in time shows a space of time.

Before the Content

Before The Content is a series of photographs taken without a camera. But, like photographs, they are snapshots. They show the brief moment of a website building up in which the structure is already visible, but the content is not yet loaded. In a time where we are overwhelmed by messages and content these works give us a relaxing break and open our spirit and perception.

Opening Reception
Friday 5 April, 3 - 4pm

About Artist

Portrait of Kurt Laurenz Theinert

Kurt Laurenz Theinert

Kurt Laurenz Theinert is a photographer and live performing light and media artist. His visual piano performances are shown all around the world in Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, Berlin, New York and Singapore. He concentrates in his work on visual experiences that do not refer, as images, to anything. On the contrary, he is striving for an abstract, reductive aesthetic that has ultimately led him – through a wish for more dematerialisation – from photography to light as a medium.